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LimeBOX is not only a company, but a place where people with passion meet. The basis of our work is to search for flexible and innovative solutions in the field of cosmetics production. We focus in particular on low-/medium-volume production, which allows us to support young companies in their first steps on the “cosmetic scene”, and over time to implement larger and larger projects, along with the development of our clients. Every day we strive to meet your expectations.
A good family atmosphere in our company means that even the most difficult projects have no chance against our positive energy, which translates directly into the satisfaction of our customers.



Rumor has it that someone once saw her without a smile on her face 🙂 She is the heart of our company and no one will take care of us better than she. Thanks to her, everything works like in a Swiss watch. She personally introduces new products to the market and makes sure that everything is done in accordance with the applicable standards.  She approaches all difficulties with the appropriate distance and always focuses only on looking for solutions, which effectively loosens the atmosphere:) The esthete, who has everything thought out before it takes on the right shape.


The brain and also the pillar of this whole mess. It is thanks to his work and experience that we supply half of the European countries. Before anything is fully completed, he is already planning the next step to develop himself and the company. A man who would take a good book even to the swimming pool;) Outside of work, he is actively involved in a youth football school, where he proudly supports his older son. He also likes to score a few goals, but to slightly older goalkeepers 😉

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Our trader and graphic designer in one. It is through his hands that all graphic designs go through before they finally go to print. The type of person who hates compromises and labeling. When he is not in the company, he probably conducts fitness classes, sings at the wedding, or cooks some Italian dishes 🙂 He loves spending time together with his wife and daughter, but recovers most quickly in solitude surrounded by nature, devoting time to music or … prayer. A great perfume maniac who, like a woman in front of her wardrobe, everyday wonders which one should he wear today?;)


Her responsibility causes in our team a note of uncertainty, and among clients peace of mind that they will get what they expect. Of course, it is about quality control. All productions go through her hands, and her watchful eye will not let any trash good get through:)
Klaudia is a woman of education. She is constantly training and improving her competences by transferring them to everyday work. She is very well organized and she’s all over the place. Everyone feels it when she’s on vacation. It’s just kind of … quieter;)

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Head of our production department. It is he who personally oversees all orders and the work of the team so that it works like a well-oiled mechanism. In addition to the fast production pace, he also likes to turn up his beloved motorbike.
Of course, within reason;) The man you can rely on completely.

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We operate based on GMP and ISO: 9001:2015